As you plan for a kitchen remodeling project, what are the first things that you must consider? In this article, you will be learning 4 kitchen designing tips that can help you in remodeling your kitchen like an expert.  

Create a floor plan 

All kitchen designers and remodelers will agree that the greatest way to begin any kitchen project is by making a floor plan. With that, you’ll be able to plan your kitchen design even before booking your kitchen remodeler or contractor. As you do so, know that you can try various layout options, add cabinets, finishes, and fixtures and observe how they instantly look in 3D renderings that the expert kitchen remodel Hillsboro, OR designers can efficiently do for you.  

Consider your cupboards 

A lot of people fail to pay much attention in terms of the way they use or allocate their cupboard space without knowing that cupboard space is one of the major details that provide a professional touch to a kitchen design. The layout of your cupboard must be organized based on how you plan to utilize the space. For instance, you need to place the items that you usually use together and close to each other.  

Also, make sure to locate the items that you frequently use where they can easily be reached. That way, you don’t have to reach high or stoop down. Even simple aspects like organizing and elevating your spice collection so that you can easily see it can improve your kitchen usage experience.  

An expert kitchen designer may even consider installing a bespoke kitchen cupboard system that will let you utilize your current cupboard area to maximum effect. Feel free to be creative with your kitchen cupboards if it can help you use your kitchen more easily and more enjoyable.  

Make a multifunctional kitchen 

Throughout the years, kitchens have moved far from being merely practical. So, to achieve versatility, kitchens are now constructed to make it a place where people can relax, entertain, and cook at the same time. An expert designer will always consider this aspect and look to make a kitchen design that’s inviting and open. Moreover, they will make sure that your kitchen can facilitate simultaneous acts of cooking and entertaining.  

The kitchen work triangle  

Your kitchen design consists of the three most vital elements, which include the sink, refrigerator, and stove. Cleaning your kitchen and cooking in it can easily turn into joyless and needlessly arduous things to do especially if you’re required to laps all over a badly designed kitchen layout.  

Keep in mind that having a good kitchen layout enables you to easily move between the work triangle as you cook. Moreover, it can give you sufficient space as well. Hence, if you’re cooking together with someone else, you will not be bumping into each other constantly. To make this feasible, a kitchen designer can help you come up with a “work triangle” between the sink, refrigerator, and stove that’s usually angled between 15-25 degrees.